Coreopsis 'Golden Showers'

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Collections: Nursery, Perennials

Type: Perennial

The thread leaf Coreopsis verticillata are increasingly popular. The feathery texture of the leaves and the profusion of bloom are certainly worthy features. However some of the threadleafs can become wispy and floppy as they age and some are very short-lived. Coreopsis 'Golden Showers' is able to hold its flower stems tall and sturdy throughout the season. It tends to form a nice size clump, rather than traveling around your garden. 

Like all the Coreopsis, it is very tolerant of hot, dry weather. Shearing the plants back by about 2/3s, once the initial blooming is finished, will refresh the plant and set new buds.

Height: 24-30 inches ----- Spread: 18-24 inches ----- Sunlight: full sun ---- Hardiness Zone: 4

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